This boxing question was definitely on my list of boxing questions to answer. I’ve personally tried a TON of boxing gloves in my boxing career, and I’m going to share with you some of the quality boxing gloves that I think will be good for beginners and pros alike.

I also have boxing gloves reviews of boxing equipment that I think are worth checking out.

PROS of Boxing gloves

Ringside Apex Predator Training Gloves:

This boxing glove Is probably one of the best boxing glove used by professional boxers and I’m not just saying that because they’re sponsoring this boxing blog (although it helps lol); these boxing gloves set a new standard in both quality and performance. One of the greatest features is their incredible design appeal, unlike anything else on the market. The materials used to make these boxing gloves have also been specially designed to be super durable yet flexible enough to give you maximum efficiency in your training sessions. sources from They don’t have hand wraps included, but you can pick some up based on your preference when boxing.

The wrist wrap material is a little thin in my opinion, but it will do the job for most boxing gloves sizes . If you plan to use these boxing gloves in boxing or mma training sessions make sure you wear hand wraps on top to give you that extra protection when punching and be prepared to suffer some minor pain or tightness after wrapping your hands up (it can be uncomfortable). Since the wrist support isn’t as good as I thought it would have been, there’s not really much padding towards the heel of your palm if you punch with an open fist which could lead to blisters if not careful; personally i prefer boxing gloves with more padding over less since boxing and mma training are both high impact sports.

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However, this boxing glove has brilliant wrist support, which is why i gave it a 5 star rating, because the boxing gloves that i have used before that have had no wrist support can lead to painful wrists after boxing and mma training sessions. The shape of this boxing glove is very nice as well; it’s more rounded than other boxing gloves (i own title boxing gloves as well but won’t be able to comment on them because I haven’t used them). My hands are pretty small (7 inches long) so these boxing gloves were a bit big for me, but overall they’re a really good pair of boxing gloves especially if you train in an environment where there are punching bags or you don’t mind suffering from blisters or sore joints since they give protection.

This boxing glove has been one of the best boxing gloves I’ve used since I started boxing training. The boxing glove really supports the wrist, shoulder and knuckles. The boxing glove is well made and durable; I’ve been using it for about 3 months now almost every day since I started boxing training and there’s no sign of wear. It has a really good padding as well, boxing gloves boxing is quite painful especially if you’re new to boxing; but with these boxing gloves, the pain goes away after punching the bag a while.

The only downside to this boxing glove (and most other boxing gloves) would be the price, they are not cheap even though they are worth it in my opinion. I highly recommend this boxing glove to everyone who love exercising or training in general; or doesn’t mind spending money on better boxing gear so that your experience will be more pleasurable.